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The Farmyard Mystery

The Farmyard Mystery

A man and his son are found dead in the small hours in front of their remote farmhouse. They have been stabbed. DI Martin O’Shea and DS Deirdre Maguire attend, but the motive for the killings elude them.

Why were these apparently innocent duo so brutally murdered? What could have prompted such a violent incident, and who could be responsible?

O’Shea and Maguire struggle to discover any reason for the crime. There seems be some connection to a local cheese factory, but surely that is unlikely?

This book is the first in a new series of crime mysteries set in the West of Ireland from best-selling Irish author, David Pearson.

As the series develops, O’Shea and Maguire will be presented with several intriguing cases that will test their skills to the limit.


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