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The Empty Safe Mystery

The Empty Safe Mystery



A young detective sticks to her guns after a fatal heist


The manager of a building society is found dead in her flat above the premises in the Irish county town of Wexford. DI Vikki Kirkby investigates.


Not only has the woman been murdered, the safe has been opened and emptied. The explanation for the crime seems straightforward. But why such a brutal attack?


Kirkby follows the money to catch a killer, and events in the small southern Irish town soon hot up.


As they do in the Garda station, where Kirkby will lock horns with her superintendent, who seems to have it in for her. Can she prove her worth or will she be forced to go back to Dublin with her tail between her legs?


The Empty Safe Mystery is the second standalone novel in The Wexford Homicides series by bestselling Irish author David Pearson. Look out for the first book, The Ferry Port Mystery.


Like all of our books, these are available FREE with Kindle Unlimited and in paperback from Amazon.


Check out David Pearson’s other crime fiction series, The Dublin Homicides and The Galway Homicides, now! And get ready to binge read these lovable titles.


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